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Automated Chest - left one is locked, right one is unlocked

Automated Chest painted Yellow 1/Spring Green 1

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

The Automated Chest is a 1-block-sized storage chest that looks like a stone chest with glowing white stripes and a purple glow, and allows players to store up to 100 stacks of items in it after it's been placed. Unlike other chests, the Automated Chest can be wired to lock and unlock based on signals from activation devices like Switches or Number Pads.

Warning: The Automated Chest uses the same permission to allow players to access the Automated Chest storage and to allow players to wire the Automated Chest, so changing one will change the other. This also means that anyone who can access items in the unlocked chest will be able to unlock the chest using a Wiring Tool, which means that locking a chest is mostly only useful in Adventures, where you can make sure players do not have access to a Wiring Tool.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Automated Chests can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (to be opened with "q" (Q) as the default key), but only after the crafting-recipe has been unlocked for free. You can also obtain these chests as part of a building kit for Blueprints.

How to unlock the crafting recipe[edit | edit source]

The crafting recipe for Automated Chests can be unlocked in your Crafting Menu by:

How to craft [edit | edit source]

To craft one Automated Chest, you'll need:

How to use[edit | edit source]

General usage[edit | edit source]

To use Automated Chests, you will have to place them into a game world and then activate them by right-click or typing "F" (as the default key) when looking at them. These chests do not need any free space above to be opened.

A storage window with 100 empty slots will be displayed on the right side and you can then put all kinds of stuff into these slots from your inventory by dragging & dropping with your left mouse-button or by right-clicking them in your inventory/bag.

Automated Chests can be fully rotated in all directions by pressing and holding R and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button. The chosen rotation angle can then be "locked" too by simply typing "r", so that all items of the same stack will be placed facing the same direction.

Automated Chests cannot be picked up as long as anything is stored inside. However, they can now be rotated even if filled with items. After emptying them, you can pull Automated Chests even without having any Power Cells equipped. Of course you won't be able to take such items on claims of other players (or in worlds) where your permission level is set low.

You can simply sort whole stacks of materials, blocks, items or substances into storage chests from your inventory or quick-bar by right-clicking or dragging & dropping with your left mouse-button.

If you hold a stack of stuff with your mouse-button (left click), you can drag it over the Automated Chest and then right-click to drop only one piece of the stack (also repeatedly).

You can also hold left shift + left click, then drag to move half a stack, or hold left shift + right click to move five items.

You can use the same kind of procedures to move items/stacks from storage containers into empty slots of your quickbar and your inventory/bag.

You can name any Automated Chest individually (this label will be shown instead of "Automated Chest" when you look at the chest) by activating/opening the chest and then clicking on the icon that looks like a square note with a pen in the top right corner. You can type up to 30 characters into the text array and confirm this with "enter"/"return".

You can also change the Permission settings for each Automated Chest by clicking on the padlock icon shown in the top right corner after activating/opening the chest. Here you can set individual authorizations to control who will be permitted access to this chest (and its contents).

Available world permission-settings: "just me", "world owner/admins", "world mods", "builders" or "everyone". On player claims the available settings are "just me", "claim admins", "claim interact only", "claim builders" and "everyone".

Since update R40 all storage containers are set to "builders" by default when being placed. So only players with builder rights/permission rank either on your game-world or on your claim (claim permission ranks override world permission ranks) can access your storage containers, but you can set them to "just me" if you want to. If set to "visitor", everyone can access these chests and can even take them away. Only on player claims a special permission rank "claim interacts only" will allow players with the same permission rank to access a chest, but not to take it away.

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner visible after opening the Automated Chest, you can see a "Transfer History" listing the last 5 filling and 5 removal actions with the according player names and time of their access to the Automated Chest.

Automated Chests can be painted, with the primary color affecting the color of the clam and the secondary color affecting the color of the inside of the clam and the pearl.

Like all placeable items, Automated Chests can be put on display on Placemats, Stone Wall Shelves, Galactic Grav-Chambers, Frozen Containers, Holiday Decorative Trees, Hidden Temple Altars, Snow Buried Containers and the like. The chests cannot be filled with any item nor can they be rotated when on display.

How to wire[edit | edit source]

Wiring Input Icon.png
Automated Chests can be wired to activation devices like Switches, Sensors, Number Pads or Pressure Plates etc., optionally with operating gates in between, like Number Comparison Gates, Delay Gates, Flip-Flop Gates, Inverter Gates, Logic Gates, etc. Automated Chests will then serve as receivers and can be locked or unlocked. If a player tries to access a locked Automated Chest, they will see the message "This device is locked". A locked Automated Chest does not have the purple glow around it that an unlocked Automated Chest does.

An Automated Chest is an input-machine, a receiver that does not send any signals.

If you equip a Wiring Tool and point at an Automated Chest with the cursor, the Automated Chest will display the receive hotspot overlay-image. Wiring Input Icon.png

By clicking on this hotspot, the Automated Chest can be connected with the send hotspot of an activation device or an operating gate (Logic Gate, Delay Gate, Inverter Gate, Flip-Flop Gate, Number Comparison Gate).

Activation devices (like Sensors, Switches, Pressure Plates, Number Pads etc.) will send either a "true" (when activated) or "false" (when deactivated) signal to the Automated Chest that will either unlock it (when "true") or lock it (when "false") accordingly. This basic principle can be made use of by operating gates to create a variety of functions.

Operating gates like Number Comparison Gates can be connected to define more exact (un)locking terms. For this purpose, connect the "Send" Hotspot of an activation device to the left "Receive" Hotspot of the operating gate, and then connect the "Send" Hotspot of the operating gate to the "Receive" Hotspot of the Automated Chests.

Change the setting of the operating gate/s to your liking. For Number Pads, it's advisable to write the correct number code into the right input array (2) in their settings window and select "value" instead of "event".

To open the Automated Chest wiring window, you will have to equip a Wiring Tool and then press "n" (as the default key) while pointing at the Automated Chest that has been placed into the game world with your cursor.

Using this interface window, you can:

  • Edit Button.png click on this icon to rename the Automated Chest with another description up to 30 characters long. The new label will replace the word "Automated Chest" that is shown when "looking" at it with the cursor in the game world.
  • Access Control Lock.png click on this icon in order to change the permission settings so that only other players with a specific or higher permission rank than this defined permission rank can change the settings of the Automated Chest or even take this object away. Warning: This is the same permission used to allow players to access the Automated Chest storage, so changing one will change the other. This also means that anyone who can access items in the unlocked chest will be able to unlock the chest using a Wiring Tool, which means that locking a chest is mostly only useful in Adventures, where you can make sure players do not have access to a Wiring Tool.
  • for easier wiring purposes, you can write a code word into the input array ("Receives") here, and then write that same code word into the output array ("Sends") of an activation device that can even be placed as far away as in the opposite corner of the same game world.
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