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Apple stained glass craft.png
Apple stained glass.png

Apple Stained Glass painted Blue Ribbon/Shocking Pink

Basic information[]

The Apple Stained Glass is a cubic building block that looks to be made of stained glass fragments with a red apple in the middle of each side. It was added during the Halloween event of 2020. Apple Stained Glass blocks do not obstruct light.

How to obtain[]

Apple Stained Glasses can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (to be opened by pressing "q" as the default key), but only after the according crafting Recipe has been bought from The Great Pumpkiru or Pumpkiru Jr.

Like all other placeable items, you can also obtain Apple Stained Glasses by buying a building kit for a Blueprint that contains Apple Stained Glasses.

How to unlock the crafting recipe[]

The rare crafting Recipe for Apple Stained Glasses can be bought from The Great Pumpkiru or Pumpkiru Jr. It cost 200 Pumpkiru Candy during the 2020 Halloween event.

You can learn all of the rare crafting Recipes that you can find either by clicking on their icon in your inventory/bag with the right mouse button (by default).

Then the crafting Recipe will vanish from your inventory and a message will appear telling you that you have successfully learnt this rare Recipe. You can then find it in your Crafting Menu, where it will be permanently available, even on worlds with the "Pro" world option "world-bound recipes" enabled.

If you already know this rare Recipe and find it again, the new one will have a check mark over its icon and you cannot learn it a second time.

How to craft[]

To craft 3 Apple Stained Glasses, you'll need:

How to use[]

Apple Stained Glasses can be placed into the game world for building purposes by putting (a stack of) them into your quickbar, selecting the according quickslot and clicking the right mouse button while pointing at a spot in the game world with your cursor.

Like all other building blocks, blocks of Apple Stained Glass can be rotated into all directions by pressing and holding R and then pointing the mouse cursor at the block and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

The chosen rotation angle can be "locked" too by simply typing "r" while looking at an already rotated object or block; then all items of the same stack in the selected quickslot will automatically be facing the same direction when being placed.

Like most other placeable blocks, Apple Stained Glasses can be painted, with the primary color influencing the color of the color of the apple and the border, and the secondary color influencing the color of the color of the circular background area. They can also be put into displays, where they will be shown at a reduced size.

You won't need any Power Cells (Mining Cell) to pick up Apple Stained Glasses that have been placed into the game world. Of course you won't be able to pick up such objects on game worlds, on player claims or in Adventures where your Permission rank is not sufficient (mainly when you are merely a visitor), which can only be changed by the owner of the game world, claim owner or Adventure creator.