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Basic information Edit

Adventures are basically copies (instances) of Creativerse game worlds that are saved and will then be accessible by other players when the Adventure is published.

Since Adventures require at least one Checkpoint to be placed, most Adventures combine this Checkpoint with a certain gameplay goal that needs to be accomplished.

Intermediate or additional targets can be defined by placing more Checkpoints (either to be "checked" in a certain order or in no particular order, which is up to the Adventure creator to define).

Possible types of Adventures Edit

Adventures can be anything that Creativerse players can think of, for example:

  • sightseeing around a town or structures built by players (often only one Checkpoint is placed well visibly to function as an exit)
  • search-quests, for example searching for hidden Checkpoints or visiting landmarks/highlights where Checkpoints are activated, with or without hidden rooms, secret doors and/or cached hints
  • climbing challenges, jumping parcours or the like - either with only one Checkpoint at the destination or optionally several Checkpoints to be activated on the way
  • rollercoasters made with fans, ladders, ice-rails, etc.
  • mazes or dungeon-crawling structures
  • storytelling quests within an areal, either linear or not, often created by using signs like Arc Signs, optionally placed together with Pets to make it seem like the Creatures are the ones talking
  • many possible kinds of puzzles to solve by using Switches, Pressure Plates, Teleporters, Block Phasers, Sensors, Number Pads, Loot Spawners and the like
  • dungeons or rooms to escape from, either filled with traps and or combat-challenges that can be activated by using Mob Spawners

- or any combination of such ideas, or whatever else is imaginable

How to play Adventures Edit

To play one of the Adventures that several Creativerse players and members of Playful have already created, you can

  • either start the game and click on the "Adventure" button listed in the menu right below "Worlds" and then choose one from the list,
  • or you can use a link that Adventure creators have provided on the internet, for example as can be found on the official Adventure-Subforums: Clicking on any of the links that start with and then clicking on the "Play!" button will automatically start the game and the according Adventure
  • please note that Adventures can only played solo currently. Multiplayer access to Adventures might become possible somewhen in the future, since Playful has mentioned this plan

How to create an Adventure Edit

  1. build an adventure area in any Creativerse gameworld that you own. You cannot publish Adventures made on one of the social worlds created by Playful, and it also might not work to set up Adventures on game worlds of other world owners!
  2. you don't have to worry about your buildings, property, storages, teleporters or anything else that you have changed on your game world, since Adventures are merely saved copies of your world, and "frozen" in time. Adventure players cannot steal your stuff nor ruin your buildings by playing your Adventure, even if you set options that will allow them to change everything like they please by digging, using fire, corruption or the like
  3. this also means: everything that you change while playing an Adventure, will be gone after exiting the Adventure. When starting the same Adventure anew, the original saved copy will be loaded once more
  4. to tell players what to do in the Adventure area and to convey stories that you might want to tell, you can use signs like Arc Signs, Wood Signs, Hanging Stone Signs and/or the messages that Sensors will display when players walk into a specific area that you can define
  5. remember that all players will start to play Adventures without any equipment nor any means to heal themselves. Place storage containers like Arctek Chests, Stone Wall Shelves or the like to provide some equipment and consumables, Healing Beacons or pools of Mineral Water for healing purposes
  6. freely make use of Mob Spawners, Block Phasers, Number Pads, Switches, Pressure Plates, Loot Spawners, Fans, locked doors or trap doors and everything else that Creativerse has to offer to make your Adventure interesting
  7. craft at least one Checkpoint (unlocked after crafting an Adventure Gate) and place it at the end point of your Adventure area. You can optionally add more Checkpoints along the way. You can also wire up Checkpoints with Sensors so that the Checkpoints will be activated automatically when a player reaches a certain point of your Adventure
  8. Activate your Checkpoints (right mouse button or "f" as the default key) to name them or rename them properly
  9. craft an Adventure Gate (unlocked after crafting an Iron Mining Cell) and place it at the starting point of your Adventure. Activate it by right-click or typing "f" (as the default key). Configure your Adventure there
  10. in your Adventure Gate window, you can now define which Checkpoints have to be activated in order to complete the Adventure (enable the checkboxes of the according checkpoints that will be listed in the Adventure Gate window).
  11. There's also an option in the Adventure Gate window that you can enable if you want players to activate the Checkpoints that you have placed in a specific order as a requirement to complete the Adventure
  12. please note that Claims with certain option settings currently can interfer with the options that you want to set for your Adventure!
  13. play through the Adventure yourself several times to make sure it works like intended and that the Checkpoints will react properly (and in the correct order). It's advised to also let your friends play your Adventure to see how it "feels" for them
  14. you can test your Adventure with all the settings that you have defined after saving it (you can do so by selecting this in the options the Adventure Gate) and before publishing it. You can find your own Adventure by clicking on the button "Adventures" instead of "Worlds" and by searching for your own creation in the TAB "My Adventures"
  15. after you're satisfied with your Adventure, you can publish it for other players to enjoy and to let them admire your work
  16. optionally, you can then click the 'share' icon on your Adventure's main menu panel (or simply activate your Adventure Gate again, or click on the icon that looks like a recumbent "V" in the bottom right corner on the image of your Adventure when selecting it in the Adventure list), then copy the URL of your Adventure and paste this into the official Adventure Subforums with a small description of your work:

All Creativerse players can play and create Adventures Edit

To create and/or to play Adventures, the "Pro" upgrade is not required at all. Also new players can just try out Adventures at first instead of starting to play Creativerse on their own game world. However, Adventures do not feature the usual Creativerse ingame tutorials, so it might be recommended to learn the basic gameplay through earning experience firsthand by playing the actual sandbox game for a little bit.

Any Creativerse player can use all the free features that Creativerse offers to create tasks, puzzles, traps, stories told by signs, combat challenges and/or transportation means for their Adventure. All the required crafts with the according game mechanics can be unlocked in the crafting menu for free.

Buying the "Pro"-DLC will allow Adventure Creators to use more world options for Adventures that will influence the gameplay experience of Adventure players somehow. Buying the Welcome Bundle and/or any of the Store-bought Recipe Packs will only enable Adventure Creators to build more interesting looking structures, but will not grant any additional gameplay mechanics.

How to use world options and gameplay restrictions for Adventures Edit

Adventures are basically copies of game worlds created at the specific point in time when the Adventure is being published by its creator.

For storytelling purposes and to make puzzles properly challenging, Adventure creators often build isolated areas like a well-closed building or cave, and often also restrict the range of optional gameplay actions, like disabling digging, flying by using gliders, the use of flashlights and the like.

This way, players who buy the "Pro"-DLC only seldom have advantages over F2P players when playing Adventures. And these restriction also won't allow Adventure players to freely take a look at the game world that the Adventure creator owns and has used to create the Adventure on.

However, as Adventure creators, "Pro"-players can set some more fun options for their Adventure game worlds like low gravity and/or peaceful Creatures, which then lets F2P players experience these settings for free while they will play the Adventure. Of course free players can't be granted gliders and/or flahslights for the duration of the Adventure by "Pro" Adventure creators though.

While rigorous restrictions are very popular for Adventures, they are not always advisable.

Since Adventures merely require at least one Checkpoint to be placed anywhere, they do not even have to feature any game content that can be played. Instead, they can merely be created to allow all Creativerse players to take a look at the player-made buildings and/or other structures on a game world without needing to permit players to enter and affect the actual game world. For simple "sightseeing" Adventures like that, permitting the use of gliders and flashlights is recommended to make exploration more fun for fellow players.

The world that you enter when starting an Adventure will always stay like it is and will not continue to change together with the actual game world where the Adventure has been created. So setting world options for the Adventure game world (like to "low gravity" or hard combat difficulty, etc.) will not affect the original game world that was used to create the Adventure.  

Also anything that Adventure players can change while playing the Adventure will be reset the moment that they exit the Adventure. So allowing Adventure players to dig through walls or even to destroy the whole Adventure world with fire and corruption freely will do no lasting harm at all. 

Possible options for Adventures Edit

  • default settings of all players to "Visitor" permission rank
  • enable/disable Explosives use
  • enable/disable Fire Spread
  • enable/disable Death Statue (if disabled, players will lose everything)
  • enable/disable Spawning
  • enable/disable Dig
  • enable/disable Place
  • enable/disable Flashlight use
  • enable/disable Glider use
  • enable/disable Weapon use

Adventure settings only available to "Pro" players Edit

  • world bound recipes (if disabled players start with keeping their unlocking progress of crafting recipes, if enabled, players will only start with starting crafting recipes and special crafting recipes being unlocked)
  • more treasure (chests)
  • more regrowth (flowers, mushrooms, beeswax)
  • peaceful creatures (defensive creatures only)
  • low/normal gravity
  • basic or celestial sky
  • easy, medium or hard combat difficulty (plus at death, either no items or all will be stored in the death statue)
  • time of day for the adventure to start
  • day variations (clear or foggy weather)