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Adobe Stairs are building-blocks cut into an L-shape made of greyish-white blocks.

Usually placed as stairs they will smooth the player-character's movement up and down gradients so no jumping is needed. They can be placed as projections of walls or for other purposes too when being rotated by pressing and holding R (as the default key) while moving the mouse.

Adobe Stairs can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q"), but only after the crafting recipe has been unlocked.

To unlock the crafting recipe for Adobe Stairs, you will have to craft Adobe Walls. Additionally to that you will also have to create Adobe Slabs from ordinary blocks of Adobe Walls by simply putting them into a Processor. No crafting recipe has to be unlocked for that.

The crafting recipe for Adobe Wall is unlocked by creating Adobe Bricks from Mud in a Forge, crafting (or finding) an Obsidian Mining Cell (after crafting/finding Stone Mining Cells), and collecting caramel-colored Canyonstone from high up in Canyon-biomes which requires a Stone Mining Cell or better.

8 Adobe Walls each can then be crafted with 2 (blocks of) Adobe Bricks, 4 blocks of any kind of Canyonstone (like Ruddy Canyonstone, Dark Canyonstone or the rather rare caramel-colored Canyonstone), plus 1 Stone Rod made of Stone, Limestone or Bedrock in a Processor and 1x Melted Wax made of Beeswax in a Forge or found in Treasure Chests.

To craft 4 (blocks of) Adobe Stairs at once, you'll need

Since R42 in May 2017, inner and outer corners blocks can be created for these stairs too by putting them into a Processor. No crafting recipes are required for this.