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Adobe Bricks are cubic building blocks that look like they were made of small pale red bricks.

You will not need to unlock any crafting-recipe to make these blocks. Instead, Adobe Bricks can be obtained by simply putting Mud into a Forge together with some Fuel to harden 1 Block of Mud into 4 Adobe Bricks each.

Adobe Bricks can either be placed as they are like any other Building Block, but can also be used as a material to craft more refined Adobe Building Blocks.

Crafting or taking Adobe Bricks is one of the unlocking requirements of the Recipe for Flower Pots.

You can find Mud all over the Stalactite Layer underground, but also as a Lakebed and Riverbed on the surface of any Creativerse gameworld.

Presently, collecting / pulling Mud does not require any Power Cells to be equipped anymore.

Adobe bricks are used in a number of crafting-recipes:

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