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Basic Information[]

This Wiki article is about features and chat commands that can be used by owners, admins and moderators of Creativerse game worlds for protection of their game world and/or claims as well as for information and help.

What this article is not about[]

Creativerse chat commands 2018-05-26 16-52-56-19.jpg

Kindly note that Creativerse does not offer any admin commands that would let you spawn any type of blocks, items, materials, block kits, materials, lootable creatures, whole buildings etc. in any game world of Creativerse nor into any player character's possession/inventory. So no, there is no /spawn command nor a /give command in Creativerse.

There also aren't any admin options in Creativerse that would let you change the stats (health points, stamina points, damage points, defense points etc.) of your player character or that of other players, alter the behaviour of Creatures, alter the passage of ingame time, change ingame graphics like textures or character models, add new 3D models and/or sounds to the game, remove whole trees, terraform landscapes or anything like that.

Instead of block-spawns, you can now access an "all-items-selection" when you open your inventory after enabling Creator Mode - which is possible on Creative Worlds. Creative Worlds can be created via world option by players who have bought the Pro DLC. What your Creator Mode inventory will contain, depends on F2P or Pro player status, the bundles you have bought and your gaming progress so far.

You can give items to other players via player loot bag that you can drop, or you can place items into storage chests, including items that you can take from your Creator Mode inventory that you can access on Creative Worlds. Please note that you need to define fitting the permission setting of said storage chests so that the other player/s can open them.

When Creator Mode is enabled, your player character will be immortal (no loss of Health points or Stamina) and can use a Hover Mode (Air Walk) by double-typing the "jump"-key (default: Space).

Modded admin commands[]

No, there are no player Mods that would allow you to use commands like /spawn, /give, /godmode or anything like that "inofficially".

Of course Creativerse can be changed client-sided - but this is called hacking and a breach of the EULA that you have accepted when installing the game (for details please refer to the article Mods). This could lead to being sued and punished by the law. Please note that "modding" is not allowed for Creativerse (yet).

Playful alone owns the copyrights for everything concerning Creativerse - especially gameplay features, 3D models, icons, animations, textures, unique Creature names, music and specifically created sounds used in the game. You are not allowed to use any copyrighted content of Creativerse for profit.

Even if you just want to use such content for non-commercial purposes (including this Wiki, like extracted icons or stats), you absolutely need to ask Playful for permission beforehand:

The EULA (aka "terms and conditions", "code of conduct" or "terms of use") is a legal contract that you have agreed to at the time you've installed Creativerse or started to play it on any computer (yes, even the free version). So if you break this legal agreement by hacking into the code of the game and/or publishing anything that you extract of game files, you breach the law and you can be held responsible at court.

Creativerse world options F2P 2017-01-23 11-16-12-631.jpg

Why your game world needs moderation[]

Creativerse world options new world creation 2018-07-10 14-00-39-00.jpg

Multiplayer games like Creativerse can be great fun since you can play together with friends and family, but not everyone you invite might have friendly intentions even though they said so or initially behave helpfully.

If you invite unknown people onto your game world, and especially if you want to make your world public for shared experience (another optional world setting), you might also want to protect your game world so other players cannot destroy or steal your stuff (or that of your real friends).

So Creativerse offers several features and chat commands that can be legally and allowedly used by owners, admins and moderators of Creativerse game worlds to keep up "law and order" on their worlds.

A griefer (different from a "griever") is what a player in a multiplayer game is called who deliberately irritates and/or harasses other players, often by abusing aspects of the game in unintended ways. A griefer, much like any other type of internet troll, is believed to perhaps derive pleasure from annoying, upsetting or even psyching out other people. However, sometimes nice players who are temporarily angry, frustrated or intoxicated might unexpectedly turn into griefers for a while to wreak revenge or havoc to vent their negative emotions.

You can use permitted options to "safeguard" game worlds and to protect your builds, crafting stations & stored stuff against such players who behave antisocial.

World options[]

Creativerse offers a set of world options that world owners can use to protect their own game worlds.

Creativerse world creation password R41,5 2017-05-13 13-41-36-02.jpg


At the same time you pick a name for your new game world (and perhaps add a description), you can also enter a password for your world. This option is also available to free players. While F2P players can only own one game world though, players with the "Pro" DLC can own up to 12-15 game worlds (however, of course only 1 password per world).

Choosing a good password (and a unique password for each of your worlds separately) will ensure that only chosen players who you share the password with can join your world.

Please do not use easy-to-guess passwords like "creativerse", "crea", "pass(word)", "12345", "1111", "qwerty", "asdf", "zxcv", "abc123", "666", "123qwe", "1q2w3e4r5t", "welcome", "football", "pigsy", "leafi", "letmein", "login", "master", "minecraft", "test", "love", "trustno1", "michael", "janedoe", "game", "enter" - or anything in the line of that ;)

How to set world options[]

Creativerse world editing after creation R41,5 2017-05-13 13-09-50-01.jpg

You can set some worldwide options for your own game world(s) right away when creating the world. However you can change these options anytime later on. After you have entered this game world (or while you're already playing there), type "Esc" and click on "Edit World" at the bottom. Or before entering a game world, click on "Worlds" in the Main Menu, then on the TAB "My Worlds", choose the icon of the game world you would like to edit, and then click on the gear symbol at the bottom.

Creativerse world settings Pro R38 001.jpg

Please be careful: when clicking on the circling arrow, you will reset all changes to this world to start playing on it anew, which will delete all your buildings and all items that you have placed into the world, including all your storage containers and everything in them. You can even delete the entire world if you were to click on the dust bin symbol.

After choosing the gear symbol (or "Edit World" when ingame) you can change a number of options, but only for your own worlds.

World admins and world mods cannot change world options; only world owners of this specific game world can.

Everyone Defaults to Visitor[]

One of the world options available to F2P players and "Pro" players alike (see "Basic Settings" in the top right corner) is "Default to Visitor".

Creativerse edit world players 2017-05-13 15-14-14-41.jpg

By enabling this option (click on the dot next to it), every player except you as the world owner will have their permission rank set to "Visitor" when entering this game world. You can change permission ranks for all players on your world (also inactive and offline players) individually anytime.

Creativerse player permissions not own world 2017-05-11 15-01-33-44.jpg

To change permissions for a player, type "Esc" and click on the button "Players" that will appear next to "Edit World" if anyone except you has ever entered this game world. Anyone on the game world can click this button for informational purposes, but only world owners, world admins and world mods can change player permission settings (however only of players with a lower permission rank, meaning they cannot ever ban, mute or demote the world owner).

Creativerse player setting 2017-05-13 14-17-08-61.jpg


  • CANNOT pull/harvest or mine any blocks, liquids, objects or plants
  • CANNOT hurt other players with a melee weapon, even if PvP is enabled on this game world, and no matter how it looks like
  • but nonetheless can be hurt by other players if PvP is enabled
  • CANNOT hurt any Creatures (no matter what it looks like) with their Twig or other melee weapons (mainly swords)
  • but nonetheless can be attacked and killed by aggressive Creatures
  • CANNOT place anything into the world (including their own Touchstone, TNTs, Extractors and Excavators)
  • CANNOT tame any Creatures
  • CANNOT wash any Pets (not even those set to "Everyone")
  • CANNOT harvest Crops
  • CANNOT transform or destroy blocks, objects, fluids or materials by using a Gauntlet Smash or Explosives (like Corrupt Bombs, Freeze Bombs or Fire Bombs for example)
  • can go exploring
  • can push wild Creatures with their gauntlet (which can make certain Creatures aggressive, except for game worlds where the "Pro" world setting "Passive Creatures" is enabled)
  • can also hurt and eventually kill Creatures by using the Gauntlet Smash power attack on the ground
  • can walk into Teleporters that other players have placed and will be teleported to the dedicated destination teleporter
  • can teleport to all Touchstones that allow players to teleport to this touchstone (which is the default seetting and can be changed by right-clicking your touchstone that you have placed into the world)
  • can take stuff from randomly spawning Treasure Chests everywhere in the world
  • can take stuff from Loot Bags from Creatures that have been killed (like by drowning or by other players)
  • can take stuff from player bags that other players willingly drop from their inventory
  • can drop player bags themselves with stuff from their own inventory inside (these player bags will vanish not long after all players left the area, like by logging out)
  • can open/close doors that are set to "can interact" (which is the default setting. To change this and lock doors, you'll have to use a Wiring Tool)
  • can climb ladders that have been placed by other players
  • can use chairs that have been placed by other players
  • can use beds that have been placed by other players in order to heal - and can even change the time to morning or night by that if there's noone else on this game world at that time
  • Creativerse visitor using fire bomb 2017-05-13 14-19-09-57.jpg
    can throw throwables like Rimecones and throwable bombs (Stun Bombs, Explosive Bombs, Fire Bombs, Freeze Bombs, Corrupt Bombs etc.) if they can somehow get such bombs - at Creatures, other players and the world
    • which can harm and kill Creatures
    • which can also harm player characters in worlds where PvP is enabled (this is enabled by default, can be disabled in the world settings by the world owner or claim owner)
    • and which can even affect the environment by default: Corrupt Bombs can corrupt corruptible blocks like Grass, Dirt, Leaves or Stone, Fire Bombs can set flammable blocks/material on fire, Freeze Bombs can freeze Water and other liquids) on game worlds where Explosives are enabled. However you can disable these transformation abilities in the world or claim settings, even as a F2P player)
  • can set off TNT-type Explosives that have been placed by players, and by that they can destroy the environment, can harm Creatures and also harm other players - even if PvP is disabled
  • can be harmed by TNT-type Explosives themselves that are set off by players, even if PvP is disabled
  • can be harmed by Explosive Bombs and the like as long as PvP is enabled.
  • cannot be harmed by melee weapons nor Bombs when PvP is disabled (world setting and claim setting)
  • can be pushed by Explosives
  • can be pushed by other players with a gauntlet shove
  • Creativerse permission for lamp 2017-05-13 12-16-37-39 R41,5 tests mit Tester.jpg
    can interact/use (turn off/on, open/close, fill) any device, machine, lamp, door, beacon, fans or any other interactable object that is set to "Everyone" in their permission setting (accessible by clicking the padlock symbol in the top right corner of the according settings window of the object)
  • Visitors can only pick up, activate/use or change settings of activatable objects that are set to "Everyone". All activatable/usable objects like storage chests are set to "builders" by default when being placed, while capture blocks and cornerstones are all set to "just me" by default.
  • can also interact with objects that have the permission option "Can interact" enabled
    • so visitors can change teleporter-codes of Teleporters that are set to "Everyone"
    • visitors can interact with storage containers (can take everything out of storage chests and also place anything into containers) that are either set to "Can interact" or to "Everyone"
    • visitors can interact with crafting stations that are set to "Everyone" (again they can take everything that's in these stations and can put materials into them to process them, that they can then take out)
    • visitors can push, feed and can also harvest from Pets that are set to "Everyone"
    • and visitors can even dismiss (!) Pets set to "Everyone", which will let these Pets drop their Loot Bags and disappear

World Builders[]

can explore, interact with every crafting station, teleporter-code, storage containers and Pets that are either set to "Everyone" or to "World Builders", can also fight, kill and loot Creatures, can harvest, mine and place any kind of blocks (including TNT, which will affect the environment on all worlds where explosives are enabled)

World Mods[]

can do everything that builders can, additionally to that can also mute and "kick" troublesome players. Kicking "boots" players out of a game world for a short while (default is 5 minutes), the duration can be defined. Banning would remove players from a game world permanently unless they are unbanned manually.

World Admins[]

can do everything that World Mods can, additionally to that can ban or promote other players with lower permission ranks and can remove touchstones of players. Banned players can be unbanned later on too. Often players are banned so their claims can be unclaimed, if the world owner/admins did not allow them to claim this piece of land, and can then be unbanned again

As the World Owner[]

you can do everything that World Admins can, and you can ban everyone, including admins & mods. You can reset worlds to their "clean" state only as the owner of a game world, you can rename worlds, change their passwords, make them public (or non-public) and select their presentational images only as an owner as well.

Changing permission ranks for players[]

As mentioned, to change permission ranks, as a mod, admin or world owner, simply type "ESC" and click on the button "players", then click on the name of the player you want to promote to a higher rank (or demote if they didn't behave well). "Builders" is standard for players on multiplayer worlds, but newcomers can still be set to "visitors" by default at first until they have proven to be trustworthy.

Please note that Claim settings will override world settings. So even if the world options set everyone to "builders", players can individually chose to protect their own claims by setting everyone who enters their claim/s to "visitor", so that other players cannot damage their buildings nor take their stuff.

PVP Disabled[]

PvP is enabled by default. F2P players cannot change this world setting, but world owners who have bought the "Pro" DLC can disable PvP. When PvP is disabled, players cannot hurt each other with Weapons like swords, throwables (like Rimecones) nor with Explosives that can be thrown.

However, if TNT of any kind is set off, then all players in the range of the explosion will be hurt and will also be pushed away. Again, Claim settings override world settings. In this way, PvP-"arenas" can be created on worlds where PvP is disabled otherwise.

Explosives Disabled[]

By selecting this Basic world option, world owners (also F2P players) can make sure that TNT type bombs and Excavators cannot be activated after having been placed in this game world.

This setting does not apply to Fireworks (only available via Store) and all (!) throwable Explosives, including Fire Bombs, Freeze Bombs, Purification Bombs and Corrupt Bombs that can alter the environment too. Fire Bombs will even destroy all flammable blocks in an range of max. 7x7x4 blocks, and in very warm to hot Biomes fire can then spread to other flammable blocks, which can destroy whole forests or wooden buildings in the worst case. To prevent this, the basic word setting "Disable Fire Spreading" can be checked by world owners.

Stun Bombs, Explosive Bombs, Poison Bombs, Flares, Armor-Piercing Bombs etc. will also work like usual (can damage players if PvP is enabled), and even visitors can throw these explosives if they can somehow obtain them.

Once again, claim settings ("TNT enabled") will override world settings in this matter.

Disable Fire Spread[]

As already mentioned, enabling this option will prevent fire from spreading from one flammable block, object or plant to others in very warm to hot Biomes, which can destroy a whole forest or wooden building in the worst case. Moreover, when this option is enabled, not even the highly flammable Tar will start to burn if a torch is placed close to it/under it. Fire Bombs will also not set flammable blocks nor Tar on fire, but they can still let Ice melt (and Snow as blocks and thin layers as well), melt Hardened Lava to liquid Lava and transform Coal Nodes. Liquid Lava will not set flammable blocks nor Tar on fire, but will melt Ice and Snow, and will evaporate some liquids it they are placed on Lava in small amounts.

World bound recipes[]

This "Pro" world option is pre-selected, and F2P players cannot change it.

This option means that you'll start out in this game world at the very beginning of the crafting progression, even if you've unlocked lots of common crafting recipes in some other Creativerse game world. This option will also that new player who enter your game world will not be able to craft high tier explosives and other items right away that might affect the environment.

With "world bound recipes" enabled:

If you deselect this option (only as a "Pro" player as mentioned) for you world(s), all players coming to this world will have access to all the other common recipes you (and they) have unlocked before, up to the fashionable Lumite armor set, Healing Beacons, Number Comparison Gates and Bungalow Accent Walls.

As a "Pro" player you can deselect this option when creating the new game world, and after entering the world or playing for a while, you can then enable this option. This will not lock any of your crafting recipes again, but will not let players coming to your world keep their common recipes unlocked. However remember that new players will still have access to store-bought and rare Recipes that they've found and learnt on other worlds, which currently does not include any explosions, excavators nor TNT though.

Other world options[]

Currently, all other available "Pro" world settings will not help you with protecting your game world or your builds, they are only intended to make the gaming experience more fun. These world options require the Pro DLC.

  • enabling "More Treasure" will let more Treasure Chests spawn randomly in the darkness
  • enabling "Peaceful Creatures" will make all Creatures passive. You can even push most of them away without angering them. Many will still defend themselves if you either attack them or start to tame them
  • enabling "More Regrowth" will raise the spawn-rate of Red Mushrooms on green Grass (very rarely also on Dead Grass), Blue Flowers on Elderwood Leaves, Red Flowers on Ashenwood Leaves, and Yellow Flowers on Cragwood Leaves. If the spawn rate of Queen Bees is also raised, is unknown
  • enabling "Sparse Creatures" will let less Creatures spawn on this game world
  • enabling "Low Gravity" will let you jump much higher and reduce falling damage significantly. However, even if your game world has normal gravity, remember that "Pro" players can use a glider. So simply building a high wall around your base items might not be enough, better add a roof too
  • the sky"box" of the game world can be set to an alternative look of the sky with 2 planets during day & night
  • choosing "Easy" Combat Difficulty will let Creatures only deal half the damage than usual, and upon defeat, player characters will not drop anything from their inventory into a Death Statue
  • choosing "Hard" Combat Difficulty will let Creatures deal twice the damage than usual, and when defeated, player characters will drop all the stuff that they wear and have with them into a Death Statue. Even with this option enabled, there is no permadeath for player characters and stuff will not vanish for good
  • Creative World options: these options define the minimum permission rank that players on this world must have in order to use Creator Mode for themselves, which can be changed and toggled on/off anytime. If "No Creative Mode" is selected, Creator Mode cannot be used on this game world by anyone. Creator Mode will not alter anything on other player's Claims
  • If the Creative Mode world option is set to "world owner", then only the "Pro" world owner will be able to toggle Creator Mode on/off on their game world
  • Creative World option "visitors" means that everyone on this game world is automatically permitted to use Creator Mode - except for individual players that the "Pro" world owner individually bans from this option via Edit Player option
  • Creative World option "builders" means that every player with at least "builder" permission rank and higher (also all world mods, world admins and the world owner) is permitted to use Creator Mode on this world. Please note that all players on your game world will automatically have builder permission rank if you have the game world option "Visitors Only" disabled! Also, every usable object that you place into the game world outside of any player claim will automatically be set to "builder" permission - until you change this setting for such objects (like teleporters, storage chests, doors, lamps etc.)
  • Creative World "world admin" will allow the "Pro" world owner and all players that were promote(d) to world admins to use Creator Mode
  • Creative World option "world mods" allows the "Pro" world owner, all players that were promote(d) to world admins and all players that were promote(d) to world mods to use Creator Mode

Claim options[]

Creativerse claim borders001.png

After claiming a piece of land, you can protect this property by clicking on this Claim on the Area Map (default key: M) and defining certain permissions for the land itself and players who visit it.

The Claim feature was designed in order to let each player protect their base and stuff on multiplayer worlds since update R29 on February 24th 2016.

A Claim is a patch of land that one player can claim for himself/herself and define individual permission settings for other players there (for example to allow only closest friends to take stuff from chests or change the buildings). Each claim is 64x64 blocks in size horizontally and reaches from the bottom layer (End of the World) to the top layer vertically.

Creator Mode allows you alter anything on your own Claims and on parts of the game world where your permission rank is sufficient do place and dig. But you cannot alter anything on any other players' claims while in Creator Mode. There is no claim option that would allow you to permit other players to use Creator Mode on your claims. Creator Mode also does not permit you to pick up filled storage containers and any object that you could not use or take with an insufficient permission rank.

How do I claim some land?[]

Claims can currently be claimed on all game worlds by default. To claim a piece of land, open the map (type 'M' as the default key), no matter where you are. Either click on the area of the world where you want to claim some land and choose a specific area on the area world, or go directly to the area map by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the right side if you are on or close to the place that you want to claim.

Creativerse claim settings icon 2017-05-11 15-19-55-45.jpg

Click the claim you want, and pay with resources that you can collect on the game world by playing (starting with a small amount of Coal) - or alternatively Coins - to claim this part of land for yourself. Of course you will only be able to claim currently unclaimed land.

You can currently control up to 24 claims max. per game world, however you cannot unlock all of them just by "paying" resources, more than 6 (+ 2 for "Pro") of them can only be bought with Coins. "Pro" players can get 2 initial claims for free on each game world.

How to set claim options[]

Creativerse claim options 2017-05-13 16-08-47-65.jpg

You can click on any of your claims on the world map after entering the world in order to access the settings for this claim. Please note that each claim has its own individual settings! So don't forget to change specific settings for every claim that you own, unless you want to create exceptions.

By clicking on the figures icon for "Players", you can define your own permission rankings for all players that have ever entered this world.

By clicking on the hammer icon for "Settings", you can:

  • disable the use of TNT & Excavators ("Explosives"), which can also disable the use of certain throwable explosives on claims
  • disable the spreading of fire and generally will prevent flammable blocks and materials from catching fire
  • either enable or disable PvP (even as a F2P player)
  • and set permisions ranks on your claims for individual players. To define player permissions, click on the "players" icon on your claim instead of the "settings" icon

Creativerse claim permissions player list 2017-05-11 15-20-29-70.jpg

These claim settings will "override" the game world settings, however of course only on your claimed land. Please make sure to set the options that you prefer for each of your claims, as they can be managed individually and not "in total".

You can easily see what permission rank you have currently been provided on the claims of other player by checking the color of their claims on the map (which is also the colors of their claim borders if you have chosen to see these visibly in 3D in the world in the graphic options).

Red color indicates that on these claims you only have "visitor" rights, yellow claims have provided you with "builder" rights or higher, and blue claims are you own claims that you can control. By clicking on the claims of other players on the map and choosing the according icon, you can request to be granted a higher permission rank, for example to help them with building.

Chat commands[]

As a player in a Creativerse world, you also have access to several chat commands that can also be used to control how players may access and interact with the world and the players within.

  • /help

Returns a list of the available chat commands. You will find more chat commands available when in Creator Mode. However, please note that not all chat commands that are listed are currently also in effect.

  • /setspawn

With this command, you can define a specific spot where new players will spawn on this world (as long as you are the world owner). If you make good use of this option, it will be most efficient if it comes to prevent griefing. Remember to set your touchstone so it won't allow players to teleport to it though!

  • /promote [admin | mod | builder | visitor]

Brings up a list of players in the world and allows setting a player's permission level. You can also "demote" players to lower permission ranks by that.

  • /mute [minutes]

Brings up a list of players in the world that may be muted; they will be unable to send chat messages for as long as you specify. The default is 5 minutes. You can only mute players on worlds where you are either owner, admin or mod. As a builder or visitor, you cannot mute other players, you can just /ignore them, so you won't see what they're writing into the chat anymore

  • /kick [minutes]

Brings up a list of players in the world that may be thrown out of the world; they will be unable to re-join for as long as you specify. The default is 5 minutes, since kicking is a temporary measure, different to a ban. You can only kick players on worlds where you are either owner, admin or mod. As a builder or visitor, you cannot kick other players, but you can report them to the mods, admins and/or owners of the game world

  • /ban

Brings up a list of players in the world that may be banned from the world; they will not be able to join again unless they are unbanned. You can only ban players on worlds where you are either owner or admin

  • /unban

Brings up a list of banned players that may be unbanned. You can only unban players on worlds where you are either owner or admin

  • /permissions

Shows your current permissions level (visitor, builder, mod, admin, or owner). Remember that the claim permissions override the world permissions

  • /request

Usually used by a player with visitor status to request a promotion to builder.

  • /who

Returns a list of everyone who is currently playing in your world

Kindly note that this article only discusses chat commands that are related to player management.

Permission settings for interactable objects[]

Storage chests, other containers, crafting stations, doors, lamps, machines and other interactable objects allow you to set them to an individual permission rank as their owner. Only players with this or a higher permission rank can then interact with the object. Also please note that storage containers now provide a "history" icon that will allow you to see who has accessed the container before you and what this player had put in or taken out.

As soon as you place such an object, you are it's owner and most objects will automatically be set to "just me" as their default permission option when the objects have been placed. Only a few will be set to "builder" permission ranks. You can see the current permission settings by looking at the objects and checking what is written next to "Access: ". To adjust permissions settings, interact with the object (either by right-clicking or hitting 'f' as the default key) and click the padlock icon in the top right. Wirable objects however can only be set to different options by using a Wiring Tool and typing "n".

That'll bring up a menu with five permissions settings.

On player claims (including your own), the permission options are:

  • Just Me (Claim Owner) - please note that world admins can access world owner "just me" storages!
  • Claim Admins
  • Claim Interact Only (special claim setting, doesn't allow picking up, but permits access)
  • Claim Builders
  • Everyone

On game worlds outside of player claims, the permission options are:

  • Just Me (World Owner)
  • World Admins
  • World Mods
  • Builders
  • Everyone

Every player on this claim or game world with the according minimum premission rank or higher is allowed access to these storage containers, objects, machines, doors, lights, etc.

The different permissions levels are pretty self-explanatory, but note that no matter the setting, the world owner and admins will always have access to interactable items of all players on this game world in any case. As always, claim options will override world settings.

On claims, you can set specific storage containers, crafting stations and the like to "Claim interact only", which is a very useful option that will prevent players from taking the objects, but they can still use them to exchange materials with you.

Locking wirable objects[]

Wirable objects like all doors, gates, trap doors, lamps, beacons, activation devices and machines can also be set to permission rankings, however this does not always work intiutively. It does not help that these objects are by default set to "just me" when being placed, as they can still be opened and closed by everyone (just not picked up and taken away).

Their interactivity can only be locked by a specific "can interact" option ("on" by default). To deactivate this option, it is necessary to equip a Wiring Tool and instead of using the right mouse button, type "n" (as the default key for checking settings of Machines) while looking at the object, preferrably at one of their white Hotspot dots).

When you disable the "can interact" option (click on the round dot next to the option to remove the check mark), the object will be locked. However please note that even you yourself will not be able to interact with this object then; except by using a Wiring Tool as a "key" or by wiring an activation device (Sensor, Switch, Pressure Plate, Number Pad) to it that you can then use.

In general, the safest option to lock a door (to your base for example) or another wirable device, you should wire it to a Number Comparison Gate and connect this gate to a Number Pad. Now set your Number Comparison Gate to a "value" of a specific (code)number and choose the "=" operation. Remember to disable the "can interact" option of your door. Keep this number in mind and share it only with trustworthy players.

Touchstone Settings[]

If you don't want a griefer to find you, there are a whole lot of places to hide. However, as most players prefer to place their Touchstone directly into their bases, this might offer other players a one-way ride straight into your lair. Right-click or press F to interact with your Touchstone. Deselect the "Allow other players to travel here" option and your Touchstone will only be available to you. If you temporarily want to invite other playes, don't forget to change your touchstone accessibility back afterwards.

And/or you can also place your Touchstone outside of your base that should be made unaccessible from all sides, from the air and ground as well on your claim. Claims are a very important protection mesasure, so others cannot simply dig through the walls of your base! Use Wiring to lock your door and watch griefers standing on your touchstone wondering about what number to enter into the Number Pad to get access to your base...

Teleporter Codes[]

Do not forget to provide codes to your teleporters! Teleporters with empty codes are the ones most often used by new players and in this case usually the teleporter that has been placed last on the same game world by any player will be chosen as the destination.

Teleporters have three ID slots ("This portal's code") to allow for a huge variety of unique identifiers. The more unique the code, the less likely anyone is to stumble across it by accident. A teleporter with an ID of three blocks of stone is pretty likely to be accessed, even by accident. But a teleporter coded with a spare rare recipe, a journal note and a store-bought block is pretty much immune to being guessed.

The Best Defense...[]

Maybe you don't want to hide, but fight back instead? Especially in a PvP world, you should get to know the arsenal of weapons, potions, and explosives available to you in Creativerse.

Keep Advanced Healing Potions stockpiled in your quickbar, so you will be extra hard to defeat. Sip a Health Regeneration Potion before starting a fight, perhaps eat a Mushroom too or even health regnerating Food (made from Mushrooms or with Mineral Water) so you will be auto-healing while fighting. Mushroom Sandwiches for example will grant you healing over time and additional max. health points.

Get a range advantage by collecting Globs of Goo (dropped by most Creatures or processable from Mold blocks in a Processor) and throw them to slow down your opponents. Armor-piercing Bombs will damage even player characters wearing high tier armor. Force Bombs will send your opponent sailing. And Stun Bombs might give you a stunning combat advantage that you will want try too.

This article (especially the last paragraph) is based on the now outdated guide from Brainsloth: